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Find Best Fertility Treatments including IVF and Surrogacy abroad at many destinations, compare clinics and costs, consult with clinic one on one and choose your clinic in an informed way. With We Care IVF Surrogacy services, we empower you to ask the fertility doctors as many questions and compare their services. With our skills for the past 12 years, we offer you negotiated prices much cheaper than you would find anywhere else, that’s our Promise!

We Care has own and partner clinics in India, Nepal, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Czech, Greece, Thailand, Cambodia, Dubai, Turkey and the United States. Every country has different laws governing it and every clinic has different protocols to help you achieve a successful pregnancy. Contact us for the right advise for a successful pregnancy.

Our International IVF & Surrogacy Clinics

We have Multiple IVF Clinics in Various Countries Click on Button of Particular Country to Get More Information about IVF & Surrogacy Treatments

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IVF Treatment: All Inclusive Package at USD 2999

IVF Treatment: All Inclusive 3 Attempt package at USD 5499
Male Fertility Treatments: Azoospermia Treatment Package
Egg Donation Services: Starts at USD 1499 – Exclusive Egg Donation Services
Indian, Asian, African and Caucasian Egg Donors listed and available immediately
Contact us on info@ivfsurrogacy.com for details

IVF Treatments at Affordable Costs!

We believe in gifting each couple the very best chance of having a successful pregnancy at a much cheaper cost. With most of our clients traveling cross border for ivf treatments, it is our promise that the treatments would not only be world class, in highly modernised IVF labs, by MD Board Certified Fertility Physicians, fully customized to each clients medical needs but you would get them at much cheaper costs.

 Client Testimonials

I am so happy with the IVF treatment provided at the Delhi branch of Wecare IVF Surrogacy where I get the best treatment and for which I am so very thankful to Dr. Nalini Gupta and all the cooperative staff which helps a lot in getting the medicines etc. during the treatment process.

Ravi & Meena, New Delhi (India)

At Wecare IVF Surrogacy of Delhi Branch where I get the treatment of infertility, but later on the expert team guides me for surrogacy and then I go about the process of surrogacy as I have crossed the age so now I am a proud mother of two children.

Helen, London (United Kingdom)

Thanks to Dr. Nalini Gupta and team who guides me for the treatment and all the process regarding the same as I opt for ICSI and having a girl child and really felt proud and happy for being a father of a girl child with the help of expert treatment at best centers.

Mitesh & Teena (NRI), Dubai, UAE

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  Baby Making Process

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  Surrogacy Services Aboard

Surrogacy Services have quite less options worldwide today. With Nepal, India and Mexico having banned surrogacy for foreigners lately, the legal options for surrogacy have reduced. Today, legal surrogacy is possible in Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and the United States. We Care have presence in all these countries and can assist you with surrogacy legally at affordable costs. Surrogacy for Single and Partners is also possible.

  • Gestational Surrogacy with Self Eggs: Starts at US $ 32,500
  • Gestational Surrogacy with Caucasian Egg Donor: Starts at US $ 33,000

Know about Each Country offering surrogacy legally to Foreigners:

  1. Surrogacy in Ukraine
  2. Surrogacy in Russia
  3. Surrogacy in United States
  4. Surrogacy in India for Indian Citizens

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